Policy-UK- high-quality events are made with timely subjects and outstanding speakers

Policy-UK exists because we believe everyone deserves their say on the public policy issues which affect their lives. When decisions are taken by policymakers in Parliament, by regulators or by local councils they impact real people, their families and their businesses. It is only right that then they have their voice heard during decision making.

We have an opinion but we are politically neutral (and not covertly owned, run or operated by lobbyists or other powerbrokers) so Policy-UK alone is able to provide a genuine platform for open dialogue on the pertinent public policy issues of the day. We liaise with industry, Government departments and campaign groups to ensure we are hitting the right subjects, with the right contributors, at the right time. We believe open and frank consultation delivers better policy so for every event our sole aim is to be useful for those wishing to engage and influence the decision-making process as well as those tasked with making the final decision.

We construct the event that is needed. This may be 300 people conference in a grand room furiously debating ideas, a 100 person Forum in a venue discussing practical implementation challenges or 20 around a table to constructively analyse policy line by line. Time is always set aside for meaningful engagement between the audience and speakers so that all perspectives are given a chance to be heard.

We are a private company. We are not part of Government (We wouldn’t be able to do what we do if we were). We are funded via sponsorship* and the sale of tickets. We partially or wholly discount on a case by case basis to ensure those who are normally excluded by other organisations are able to come along.

*Policy-UK at all times retains final say over every aspect of the event: we write the agenda, decide the topics and invite the speakers and the audience and while we love sponsors, we never lose sight of why we were created – to provide frankopen and constructive dialogue.

The Policy UK Team